NorCal Regionals 2016 Results

By on March 27, 2016 at 9:00 pm

UPDATE – This event has concluded. Full results can be found further down.

Just in time for the holiday, NorCal Regionals returns to Sacramento, California this weekend for another round of competitive action. As a premier event on the Capcom Pro Tour, stakes will certainly be high for Street Fighter V players, but folks interested in Ultra Street Fighter IV, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U should be happy to hear their games of choice will also receive the spotlight.

Some of the players in town include Razer’s Infiltration and Xian; Evil Geniuses’ Momochi, Chocoblanka, Justin Wong, Ricki Ortiz, and PR Balrog; Pandora House’s LPN, Nando, HooDaMan, Jame, and TZA; Mad Catz’ Tokido; Winterfox’s 801 Strider; GODSGARDEN’s Kazunoko; Red Bull’s Snake Eyez and Bonchan; Liquid’s Nuckledu; brenttiscool; Level|Up Series’ Alex Valle; QANBA’s Xiaohai and Dakou; Panda TV’s Dark Jiewa; Republic of Gamers’ Kelvin Jeon; Majestic’s Haitani; Team YP’s Filipinoman and Bizzarro Flame; r/Kappa’s Poongko; Panda Global’s Filipino Champ; GIANTSWORD’s gllty; bjUNCHAINED; Julio; Apologyman; Team Spooky’s NerdJosh; Foo; Hellpockets; Thebeautifuldude; NYChrisG; Jeopardy; KBeast; BROKENTIER’s Clockwork; WindZero; Wentinel; Kumite in Tennessee’s SBK; and many, many more. A full list of brackets can be found on Challonge.

Competition will be broadcast live across four separate channels, all of which you’ll find below along with a detailed schedule of each event. You can also click the links below each stream to visit Twitch and chat with your fellow spectators.



Street Fighter V

As INFILTRATION has already qualified, the qualifying spot for NorCal Regionals 2016 passes to the ranking points leaderboard.

2. MCZ|Tokido (Ryu)
3. EG|JWong (Karin)
4. Marn (R. Mika)
5. Liquid|NuckleDu (Nash)
5. Julio (Ken)
7. EG|Ricki Ortiz (Chun-Li)
7. MJS|Haitani (Necalli)

9. YP|Filipinoman (Chun-Li)
9. RZR|Xian (F.A.N.G)
9. RB|Bonchan (Ryu)
9. AS|Reynald (Necalli)
13. GGP|Kazunoko (Cammy)
13. RB|Snake Eyez (Zangief)
13. LAMERBOI (Rashid)
13. MCZ|Mago (Karin)

17. WFX|801 Strider (Cammy)
17. PandaTV|Jiewa (Ken)
17. EG|PR Balrog (Necalli)
17. EG|Momochi (Ken)
17. QANBA.Douyu|Xiaohai (Ryu, Nash)
17. pH|Nado Tovar (R. Mika)
17. pH|LPN (Birdie, Vega)
17. RZR|Fuudo (R. Mika)
25. ROG|Kelvin Jeon (Birdie)
25. Crizzle (Cammy)
25. AfroCole (Dhalsim, M. Bison)
25. fubarduck (R. Mika)
25. MC|XsK_Samurai (Ryu)
25. bjUNCHAINED (Necalli)
25. LU|Alex Valle (Ryu)
25. brenttiscool (Ken)

Match Log


Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

1. NYChrisG (Morrigan/Doctor Doom/Vergil)
2. EG|JWong (Wolverine/Storm/Akuma, Vergil/Storm/Akuma)
3. BT|Clockw0rk (Vergil/Doctor Doom/Strider Hiryu)
4. Kai 626 (Zero/Taskmaster/Vergil)
5. KIT|SBK (Wolverine/Dante/Akuma)
5. PHO|ApologyMan (Firebrand/Doctor Doom/Super-Skrull)
7. Marn (Zero/Vergil/ Strider Hiryu)
7. NWM|Kyle P (Spencer/Doctor Doom/Vergil)

9. Jeopardy (Zero/Nova/Iron Man)
9. MC|KBeast (C.Viper/Magneto/Dante, Magneto/Doctor Doom/Dante)
9. Wentinel (Wesker/Dormammu/Magneto)
9. Marc Pinoy (Zero/Magneto/Doctor Doom)
13. Gucci (Nova/Magneto/Doctor Strange)
13. Windzero (Chris/Sentinel/Jill)
13. Chris Lee (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Vergil)
13. EG|K-BRAD (Trish/Vergil/Dante)

Match Log


Super Smash Bros. Melee

1. TSG|KFC (Fox)
2. YP|Bizzarro Flame (Ganondorf)
3. Momoraine (Captain Falcon)
4. henrius (Fox)
5. Deenuna (Marth)
5. Dr.Grin (Sheik)
7. J.P (Captain Falcon)
7. C4D (Samus)

Match Log


Ultra Street Fighter IV

1. QANBA.Douyu|Xiaohai (Evil Ryu, Elena)
2. PandaTV|Dakou (Evil Ryu, Akuma, Ryu)
3. Liquid|NuckleDu (Guile, Decapre, Akuma)
4. brenttiscool (Rufus, Rolento)
5. Luken (Evil Ryu)
5. NYChrisG (Sakura)
7. DM|El Cubano Loco (Vega)
7. MOV (Ibuki, Ken)

9. Vicious (Yun)
9. EG|K-BRAD (C.Viper)
9. MC|XsK_Samurai (Evil Ryu, Ryu)
9. Weili (Ryu)
13. V12|hypnos (M.Bison, Oni)
13. Valiant (Fei Long)
13. LU|Alex Valle (Ryu, Hugo)
13. Wrathmatics (Fei Long)

Match Log


Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

1. TA|Trevonte (Sheik, Bayonetta)
2. SG|Hitaku (Mewtwo)
3. NME|Zex (Diddy Kong, Sheik, Marth)
4. Andy_Sauro (Bowser Jr.)
5. PHO|ApologyMan (Lucario)
5. The Mogul (R.O.B.)
7. DET|CrispyTacoz (Mario, Wii Fit Trainer)
7. PXG|York (Olimar)

Match Log


Killer Instinct

1. Rocksteady (Glacius)
2. pH|Nacer (Orchid, Jago)
3. Noble Dab (TJ Combo)
4. BMA|Kinetic Onslaught (Sabrewulf)
5. MaggotSai (Sabrewulf)
5. VIRUS916 (Jago)
7. KS.BLT|Snowblind (Hisako)
7. Mike Loafers (Jago)

Match Log


Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-

1. BjornSonOfBear (Chipp Zanuff)
2. Thebeautifuldude (Zato-1)
3. HnH|Kizzie Kay (Sin Kiske)
4. TS|NerdJosh (Elphelt)
5. Foo (Leo Whitefang)
5. Zero_Hour (Sin Kiske)
7. Pomparomp (Venom)
7. Nefarious Al (I-No)

Match Log


Mortal Kombat X

1. KHTC|SiNiSt3r (Master of Souls Ermac, Wrestler Jax, Mystic Ermac)
2. Shinobi|RetroTech (Master of Souls Ermac, Royal Storm Kitana, Assassin Kitana, Covert Ops Sonya Blade)
3. XShdwX_Darkness (Flame Fist Liu Kang, Shaolin Kung Jin)
4. GG|TheGooGz (Shirai Ryu Takeda)
5. Noble Dab (Wrestler Jax, Hunter Predator)
5. Shinobi|Enenra (Noxious Reptile, Smoke Triborg, Swarm Queen D’Vorah)
7. NYChrisG (Bojutsu Kung Juin)
7. Marine (Acidic Alien)

Match Log


Nitroplus Blasterz -Heroines Infinite Duel-

1. Jasepi_IIDX (Homura)
2. Zero_Hour (Ethica)
3. Coopa (Ein)
4. Delta (Saber)
5. Tone (Homura)
5. Sudden Blackout (Saya)
7. The Phantomnaut (Saber)
7. MooMaster (Heart)

Match Log


Super Street Fighter II Turbo

1. Kev (Balrog, Vega)
2. ultracombo (O-Sagat)
3. AfroCole (Dhalsim)
4. $ilentscope (Cammy)

Match Log

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