Momochi Talks Chun-Li Basics in Street Fighter V

By on March 15, 2016 at 7:28 pm
SFV Chun

Evil Geniuses’ Momochi recently released his fifth Street Fighter V tutorial, and, in keeping with his recent trend, this episode focuses on the basics of a single character. This time, that character is Chun-Li.

Chun-Li is an interesting member of the Street Fighter V cast, as even some of her basic tools require a good deal of execution–in comparison to many other characters, that is–to reliably perform. Luckily, after a quick breakdown of her best buttons and when to use them, as well as an overview of her specials, Momochi gets into her more elusive aspects: executing her entirely ground-based combo ending with Spinning Bird Kick and pulling off instant air Lightning Legs.

Momochi’s insights into performing Spinning Bird Kick as a standard combo ender could perhaps provide the missing pieces to the puzzle for those struggling to consistently do so. His thoughts on instant-air legs are good, too, but focus more on application rather than execution. If you’re looking to main the first lady of fighting games, I can’t stress enough how important this information is. Be sure to check it out.

Source: Momochi & ChocoBlanka TV