At Ease, Loser! Get More Info on Alex’s Return in Street Fighter V

By on March 11, 2016 at 9:43 am

We recently received some early information on Alex, the first of the six post-release characters for Street Fighter V, and today, 4Gamer has more details on how the Street Fighter III protagonist is shaping up in his glorious return.

From 4Gamer:


Alex, the Shoulders Bearing the Next Generation

A youthful fighter who lives in a mobile home in New York. Pursuing strength, he continues to train, but he has never left NY before and has no interest in doing so, to the worry of his father’s close friend Tom. Alex is a man of little words but says exactly what he means.


Height: 195 cm
Weight: 111 kg
Job/Affiliation: Martial Artist
Likes: Training, His Family


V-Trigger: Rage Shift

Alex becomes steaming hot and gains access to the powerful lariat Sledgehammer. During the start-up, Sledgehammer can power through the opponent’s attack, making it a strong offensive and defensive maneuver suiting of Alex.

When Sledgehammer hits Alex passes through the opponent.
From there he can land additional attacks.

V-Skill: Overhaul

Alex stretches his shoulders and charges up. If his next attack hits it will be considered a “hard hit” with the same effect as a counter-hit! The V-Skill’s motion is quick, so use it proactively when you have space or after downing the opponent.



Special Move: Flash Chop

Alex unleashes a mighty chop. After the H version he can follow with the throw move Power Drop.


Special Move: Air Knee Smash

Alex performs a flying knee strike that drops the opponent on hit!


Special Move: Power Bomb

Alex grabs the opponent and slams them into the ground in this throw technique. It’s highly damaging, so use it frequently when you close in.


Special Move: Head Crush

Alex approaches with a small leap, grabs the opponent and releases a fierce headbutt! This attack has incredibly high stun!


Critical Art: Heavy Hammer

After a series of chops, Alex seizes the opponent, leaps into the air and smashes them into the ground. If the attack leads to a KO, the opponent stays stuck in the ground!




Alex will join the Street Fighter V cast later this month. Additional information on the update can be found here.

Source: 4Gamer