Street Fighter V Server Disconnect Interrupts Local Grand Finals Match

By on March 2, 2016 at 11:43 am

It’s no secret that Street Fighter V shipped with a multitude of unacceptable issues, from lackluster matchmaking to routine server disconnects. While these issues have typically only affected players leveling up in the comfort of their own homes, a local Southern California tournament saw them pop up during what may be the most inopportune time of all: a grand finals match.

After battling their way through a solid bracket all night, finalists Iansanity (love the name, by the way) and Mike were primed to close out Toasty Tuesdays with one final bout. Both players found themselves in the winners finals just a few matches prior, but Mike would need to take two separate sets to avenge his loss. As their fight came to its final rounds, the unthinkable happened.

See, the Street Fighter V servers are still pretty unstable. But instead of displaying a simple notification when a disconnect occurs, the game completely shuts down and kicks players out of whatever mode is currently being used, even if it’s an offline mode like Versus. As you can see, this has the potential to utterly disrupt tournaments, as shown by the confusion it caused at Toasty Tuesdays.

While some may argue that the tournament organizers shouldn’t have been connected to the internet in the first place, this isn’t something we should be worried about as competitors. Like the other issues that continue to plague Street Fighter V, we hope Capcom works to correct it and, until then, that hosts take the necessary precautions to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

A full archive of this incident can be found by following the link below.

Source: Epic Gamer Productions via Mike Zaimont, Filipinoman