Mustard Demonstrates the “Power” of Mortal Kombat X’s NPC Baraka

By on February 25, 2016 at 1:04 pm

We may not be able to live out our movie monster fantasies as Leatherface or get fall-down drunk mid-match with Bo’ Rai Cho. We may not be able to locate The Pit or that armory stuffed full of free medieval outfits. We may not–honestly, I could do this all day; let’s press on.

We of the PC ilk may not be prepared to forget (semi-)recent revelations regarding upcoming Mortal Kombat X content, but we are quick to forget the upper hand we’ve had on our console brethren since the game launched last year. Through the magic of mods–and some potentially dubious file delving–we’ve gained access to a handful of characters who, for good reason, are not intended for player use. Characters like Baraka.

To instill due jealousy in those stuck with an increasing roster of characters locked behind a pay gate, Jake “PND|Mustard” Neal took the game’s resident Tarkatan to training mode to show off just how powerful he is. Crouching attacks that hit mid, loads of pushback on his blocked buttons, a back dash that leaves him within striking distance of opponents, and other impressive Kombat tactics all roll into one hell of a fine fighter. Baraka is truly a force to be reckoned with…

…if you’re playing on PC, that is.

(Author’s note: Baraka is actually terrible. This is the only way I can cope with my feelings of rejection.)

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Source: Mustard via Test Your Might