Street Fighter V Glitch Helps Vega Achieve Flight

By on February 18, 2016 at 8:39 am

While games often launch with issues, fighting games have a history of shipping with some rather hilarious (and entirely unintentional) bugs. We’ve seen these glitches time and time again, and now Street Fighter V finally has one to call its own.

The bug in question requires Chun-Li and Vega, the latter of which must have his back to the corner. If Chun-Li’s Kakukyakuraku and Vega’s anti-air V-Trigger are timed correctly, the rose will hit Chun-Li in such a way that Vega won’t be able to perform his follow-up attacks. This results in the ninja flying off into the ether, probably on a trajectory for his home planet.

Oh, and in case you were worried about this interaction being confined to training mode, here’s some footage of the same situation in an online match.

Street Fighter x Tekken fans out there might remember a similar glitch that allowed Mega Man to float above the stage, giving us a good look at all the craziness Capcom packed into that game’s backgrounds. We immediately remembered that video when we first came across this bug, and took it upon ourselves to put one together for Street Fighter V. Check it out below.

Who wore it better? Vega, Mega Man, or Gambit? Let us know in the comments.

Sources: profecery, wryfyx (via Pichy)