Here’s How to Get Your Legacy Controller Working in Street Fighter V

By on February 16, 2016 at 9:46 am

As we’re sure you’ve heard a million times by now, Street Fighter V is live! Exciting! Despite ongoing server issues, the community finally has a chance to come together and play.

It’s a sad truth, but transitioning to PlayStation 4 can come with some with some financial hits apart from just buying the console. But if you’re planning on using a legacy controller to mitigate some of this cost, the steps to getting your arcade stick working can be a little confusing. Never fear! Shoryuken is here to help you out.

STREET FIGHTER V_20160216085526
First off, navigate to Options on the main menu.
STREET FIGHTER V_20160216085534
Then head to Other Settings.
STREET FIGHTER V_20160216085541
Next, select the option titled P1 Legacy Controller Authentication.
STREET FIGHTER V_20160216085552
At this point, you’ll want to plug in your legacy device if you haven’t already.
STREET FIGHTER V_20160216085628
Once you’ve done all that, Street Fighter V will automatically detect your controller, and you should be greeted by this message. Hit close and have fun!

Unfortunately, you’re going to need a DualShock 4 for each legacy device you plan on using, as disconnecting the controller used to authenticate will diconnect the older arcade stick or pad.

As for PC, Street Fighter V natively supports a number of devices, but those without Xinput functionality have been left in the dust until a future patch. Bafael recently put together a great video showing how to get controllers of this nature working.

Editor’s note: We were recently informed that this workaround has the potential to cause input lag, so your mileage may vary.

Street Fighter V is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC. We hope these guides help!