Kinetiquettes to Release Diorama Celebrating Daigo Umehara

By on February 10, 2016 at 8:37 pm

It’s always exciting to see our favorite characters from video games, comic books, movies–nearly anything–brought to life in physical mediums. On top of offering these characters a real-life manifestation, such pieces can really tie the room together. While such works have often drawn inspiration from the fighting genre, we’ve never seen inspiration quite like what the muses recently brought Kinetiquettes.

Earlier this week, when the company teased an upcoming product reveal–the fruits of a partnership with both Mad Catz and Capcom–no one could have guessed the split image showing Ryu bumped up against his markedly more evil counterpart would end up including the face of Mad Catz’ Daigo Umehara.

On top of representing the “end of an era,” (their words, long live Street Fighter IV) this diorama represents Daigo’s transition from Wandering Warrior to Herald of the Dark Hadou. Standing at 1/4 scale, the massive piece features The Beast himself flanked by Ryu and Evil Ryu, the three of them appropriately situated atop a Yin Yang symbol.

More details for the product can be found in the trailer below, as well as on Kinetiquettes’ official website.

What do you think? Will The Beast be a part of your personal collection?

Source: Kinetiquettes