Street Fighter V Day One Update Adds Legacy Controller Support, Alex Coming in March

By on February 9, 2016 at 8:27 am

UPDATE – Speaking with Shoryuken via email, Capcom has confirmed Street Fighter V’s compatibility with PlayStation 3 controllers and a March release for Alex.

Despite previous statements failing to raise our hopes, it appears as if legacy controller support is a go for Street Fighter V.

This report comes courtesy of Spanish outlet Meristation, who revealed that their advance copy of the game recently received a rather hefty 5.9 GB update that adds support for PlayStation 3 peripherals. Their details were backed up by screenshots that, along with the entire article, have since been removed.

Authentication of previous generation control for player 1, Authentication of previous generation control for player 2
Authorizing a control stick from a previous generation. Connect a Playstation 3-compatible arcade stick or other USB device to the Playstation 4’s USB port.

Furthermore, they were also able to confirm that Street Fighter V’s first downloadable character, Alex, will launch in March alongside the in-game shop and challenge mode. Rumor has it that Alex and all subsequent post-release characters will cost 100,000 Fight Money (Monies?) apiece, but those details are no longer present in the cached article.

That number sounds pretty steep, but Capcom’s Matt Dahlgren previously told us that playing Street Fighter V on a regular basis should give users enough in-game currency to pick up characters as they are released, a concept he expanded on in a recent interview. “If you play through all of the single-player content, or just a majority of it, you should be able to earn enough money to get the first DLC character for free,” Dahlgren explained to GamesBeat, “if not more money on top of that.”

Furthermore, players will be able to earn a bronze trophy by accruing 1 million Fight Money, which may indicate that Capcom is expecting dedicated fans to reach that amount in a short amount of time.

Street Fighter V is set to launch for PlayStation 4 and PC on February 16.

Sources: Meristation via NeoGAF, Exophase (tip via NightmareSteam) translations courtesy of nothingxs