Kim1234, Logan Sama Discuss Street Fighter V’s Future

By on February 8, 2016 at 11:39 am

Back in November, YUBIKEN’s Kim1234, WinnerStaysOn’s Logan Sama, and Shady K kicked off The Jump-In, a podcast dedicated to all things fighting games. Since then, the crew has had several sessions, and even spoke with UltraDavid and James Chen in a recent episode.

In their latest installment, Kim and Logan discuss rivalries and trash talk in the fighting game community before moving on to a topic that has certainly been on everyone’s mind since long before we got our hands on a beta build: what kind of future can we expect from Street Fighter V?

Alex Meyers reportedly spoke to Mad Catz’ Tokido to get his opinion of Street Fighter V, and Tokido (allegedly) thinks top players in Japan will play the new title for a year, and then go back to Ultra Street Fighter IV. Since Kim can easily speak with the rest of the YUBIKEN, he was able to offer a bit of insight from the Japanese group, and it seems that they all have a fairly neutral opinion of the game so far–except Dashio. Dashio loves it.

Logan, who has gotten a fair amount of time with the game himself, went on to say Street Fighter V “feels quite limited in terms of expression,” something that will undoubtedly affect the way certain players–especially the tech-minded–interact with the game.

The duo also spend some time talking about the ways in which Street Fighter V’s launch will differ from Street Fighter IV’s, so check out the video below for all the juicy discussion.

Source: The Jump-In