Combo Breaker 2016 Makes Spectating Free of Charge

By on February 8, 2016 at 8:56 pm

While we’ve always had our fair share of spectators, the number of people visiting fighting game tournaments just to witness the action unfold has grown tremendously in just a few years. Events will typically charge a smaller fee for visitors only interested in watching, but Combo Breaker announced today that they plan to give away spectator badges free of charge.

This experiment comes courtesy of the fine folks at Gaming Generations, who have provided Combo Breaker with the support necessary to do away with spectating fees. Now, if you have friends or family interested in your hobby, you can bring them with you and let them experience firsthand without having to dole out extra cash.

Founded on the foundation built by the Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament series, Combo Breaker only just appeared on the scene, but that doesn’t mean the pedigree isn’t there. Head organizer Rick Thiher is involved with an increasing number of tournaments throughout the year, and was able to provide a unique experience all his own in 2015.

Combo Breaker 2016 is scheduled for May 27-29 in St. Charles, Illinois. More details and registration instructions can be found here.

Source: Combo Breaker