Street Fighter V Final Beta Roundup feat. Ambiguous Chun-Li Setups, R. Mika Strategies, and More

By on February 3, 2016 at 6:25 pm

We’re now less than two weeks away from having the final version of Street Fighter V in our hands, and we’ve got one last beta footage roundup to share. In a style similar to our previous roundups from this final beta phase, much of the content you’re about to see comes in the form of match highlights.

Up first, Lucius from Rush and Kill Clan offers a look at some devastating Chun-Li technology. After ending a combo with EX lightning legs, it seems that Chun-Li can use her V-Skill to put herself into a position offering ambiguous jump-ins.

We saw similar footage earlier this week from wauhti, but Lucius’ contribution provides options for outside of the corner as well. Don’t forget to stick around until the end for some lengthy combo extensions.

Next on today’s list, EyeOfThundera822 shows off his chops with Nash. These highlights offer a look at the sort of potential the returning character has, including combos, resets, V-Trigger usage, how to deal with projectiles, and plenty more.

Lastly, we’ve got some more R. Mika footage from Negativeedge. If you’ve had a chance to see Mika in action, you’ve likely got a good idea of what to expect: resets on top of resets. There’s a chance you’ve seen some of these options before, but be sure to check out how Mika deals with Rashid’s V-Trigger.

Sources: RnK Clan via itsumobasho, EyeOfThundera822,  Negativeedge