Killer Instinct World Cup Trailer Cranks Up the Hype for This Weekend’s Event

By on January 26, 2016 at 3:25 pm
KI World Cup Logo

With $30,000 on the line, there’s reason enough to be excited about the upcoming Killer Instinct World Cup, but that didn’t stop the folks at Ultra Arcade from putting together one final trailer for the event to whet everyone’s appetite.

The trailer, which you can find below, breaks down the basics. Though the bracket is already stacked with top Killer Instinct talent, four open slots remain for those who prove themselves at the last chance qualifiers, which will take place on-site prior to the World Cup tournament.

Killer Instinct World Cup is set to take place January 30-31 at the Fountain Bleu in San Antonio, Texas. For everything you could want to know about the event, head over to the official website.

If you’d like to hear more from the team behind the Killer Instinct World Cup as well as the folks at Iron Galaxy Studios, be sure to tune in to The Daily Dot’s Best of III today at 4 PM CST, 7 PM PST for a special broadcast featuring Brandon Alexander, Adam “Keits” Heart, Alex Jebailey, and Ken “Bass” Armas.

Sources: Ultra Arcade, Daily Dot, tip via Rick