Capcom Looking Into Beginner Street Fighter V Tournaments for Casual Players

By on January 26, 2016 at 1:59 pm

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono has given a ridiculous amount of interviews since Street Fighter V was first revealed, but his core talking points have remained the same: the developers are looking to reset the competitive playing field and entice new players to join the ranks of experienced veterans. One way Capcom working towards that goal is reducing the execution barrier, but they are also planning to reach beginners with their very own events.

Speaking to Engadget, Ono let a few small details slip. While they likely won’t get off the ground this year, Capcom is currently in the early phases of setting up tournaments to welcome less experienced players into the competitive fold.

“[W]e’re looking into creating tournaments geared more toward the casual player. In Asia, we’ve already started something where we’re going to have college students compete with each other; that’s one of the things we’re doing,” Ono explained. “We also have plans — it’s still in the planning phase — but we’re talking about maybe a parent/child tournament where the parent and their kid enter together.”

Ono said their inspiration comes from the world of baseball, where highly-skilled players participate in the major leagues but interested parties who may not be able to compete at that level organize their own neighborhood leagues. “We’d like to create an environment for Street Fighter where people can do that at a casual level and get together and just play,” he finished.

In any case, Street Fighter V is shaping up to be an excellent starting point for players interested in moving past their living rooms and netplay lobbies to places like Evo. Let’s hope Capcom’s intentions pay off in the long run.

For more of Ono’s interview, follow the link below.

Source: Engadget via EventHubs