Prima Games Announces Street Fighter V Strategy Guide

By on January 20, 2016 at 11:37 am

If you enjoy the finer things in the world of fighting games, you’ll be pleased to know Prima Games has announced a hardcover collector’s edition of their upcoming Street Fighter V strategy guide. The book contains over 400 pages of frame data, tactics and combos, as well as a 16-page segment dedicated to Street Fighter V art.

In addition to the guide itself, this collectible guide comes with a special edition art print for framing, or, you know, leaning against some stuff on a shelf.

Since the folks at Prima haven’t yet mastered some sort of futuristic ink they can remotely alter, the information in the collector’s edition of the guide will likely remain accurate for a (very) limited period. Luckily, those who pick up a copy will also receive the mobile-friendly eGuide for free. On top of being markedly easier to tote around to tournaments, Prima has confirmed that the information provided in the mobile version of the guide will be updated throughout the first year of the game’s life so you can keep your frame data knowledge crisp.

The collector’s edition guide is set to release on February 16, and will set you back $39.99. Players can pick up the eGuide by itself for $9.99.

SFV Guide

Source: Prima Games via Capcom