Pokkén Tournament is Pokémon Tekken in Germany

By on January 18, 2016 at 9:24 pm

Localization is a tricky thing. Even when you take translation out of the equation, there’s still the matter of making sure the text and content makes sense in the region for which you’re writing.

Earlier today, it was brought to our attention that one such localization was made for the German release of Pokkén Tournament. Various pieces of promotional material have revealed that the game will be dubbed Pokémon Tekken when it reaches the populous European nation.

As for why this change was made, it’s likely due to the title’s similarity to the German word for smallpox, pocken. Furthermore, previous reports have pointed out that pokken is the disease’s name in Dutch, so fans located in the Netherlands might see their version of the game adjusted in the same way.

And really, it certainly could have been worse. Pokkén was envisioned as a portmanteau of Pokémon and Tekken anyways, so the German title just makes the game’s inspirations more obvious.

Pokkén Tournament is set to launch for Wii U worldwide on March 18.

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