Recent Tweets May Point to Impending Mortal Kombat X Netcode Improvements

By on January 14, 2016 at 1:01 pm

Earlier this week, Mortal Kombat X players got a first look at gameplay footage for the characters coming to the game as part of Kombat Pack 2, but an expanded roster may not be the only exciting thing on the horizon for the title.

No one loves a mystery as much as NetherRealm Studios’ Creative Director Ed Boon, a truth he reiterated earlier today in the form of a seemingly innocuous Tweet. Upon examination, some followers were quick to notice the message sports “GOOD GAME PEACE OUT” in all caps, perhaps nodding to the popular netcode bearing the same name.

NetherRealm Studios’ Community Specialist Tyler Lansdown chimed in on the topic soon thereafter, offering little by way of resolving the mystery, but saying “some fun news [is] coming tomorrow.”

In a world where many of us spend more time facing off against opponents online as opposed to shoulder-to-shoulder at local tournaments, less than perfect netcode can (understandably) herald the downfall of an otherwise excellent game. With that in mind, improved netcode would certainly be a welcome addition to Mortal Kombat X.

Will we see a netcode-related announcement tomorrow? Stay tuned to find out!

Sources: Ed Boon and Tyler Lansdown via Test Your Might