King of Fighters Anime, Live Action Drama in the Works

By on January 11, 2016 at 10:56 am

When SNK Playmore was acquired by Ledo Millenium last year, their new owners cited Marvel’s presence in various mediums as the future they envisioned for the company’s properties. Now, it seems we’re about to see their first steps in that direction (outside of King of Fighters XIV, of course) in 2016.

Chinese studio 37Games recently announced that they are currently developing both an anime adaptation and a live-action television drama based on the King of Fighters franchise.

37Games founder Li Yi Fei stated during the announcement that these series are important in helping “recreate” the King of Fighters property, something that isn’t as simple as just making new games.

While a release in North America is still being explored, the upcoming King of Fighters anime is expected to premiere in Japan, South Korea, and various parts of Southeast Asia sometime this year.

Sources: Tencent (thanks to JohnGrimm for the tip), Siliconera, Hachima

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