Ono: Capcom Looking to “Reset” with Street Fighter V

By on January 6, 2016 at 1:14 pm

During their visit to PlayStation Experience last month, Vice Gaming was able to catch up with Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono for a discussion of all things Street Fighter. Naturally, conversation gravitated towards Street Fighter V, and Ono was rather candid regarding their goals with the upcoming title.

“Now, as [Street Fighter IV] has grown and it’s matured, that core group of people is maybe about 1,000 people who can compete at a really high level. That’s where [Street Fighter V] comes in,” Ono explained. “We’ve made plans to try to grow the community at an exponential rate. We’re doing that by resetting the game and evening the playing field, so that it’s approachable whether you’re new or old to the series.”

Ono was quick to promise that they won’t be actively working against experienced players when it comes to their decisions for Street Fighter V, but reiterated their desire for newcomers to be comfortable, whether they’re competing or just watching.

While not interested in completely doing away with the work they’ve done on past installments, Ono sees Street Fighter V as its own separate entity, similar to how Street Fighter II was different from Street Fighter, Street Fighter III was different from Street Fighter II, and so on. “People are starting to remember that Street Fighter isn’t a series where every new game just rides the coattails of the previous entry,” he continued. “Part of the fun is going back to zero and everyone growing from the same point.”

For more of Vice’s interview, which also touches on Ono’s hand in bringing the Street Fighter franchise back to prominence, the groundwork they’ve laid for the genre, and more, be sure to follow the link below.

Source: Vice