Nidhogg’s Fencer Joins Divekick Cast, Price Permanently Reduced

By on November 24, 2015 at 11:41 am
Divekick The Fencer

Indie fighter Divekick received its final patch today, which adds The Fencer of Nidhogg fame to the game’s playable cast. This content comes as free downloadable content to all previous owners of the title and will be rolling out across all platforms as the day progresses.

The Fencer wouldn’t be a fencer without his foil, so the folks at Iron Galaxy Studios have allowed him to use it in regulation Divekick matches. The catch is that the blade starts in the middle of the stage in a fashion identical to that of Cody’s knife in Street Fighter. Once The Fencer equips himself using his ground or air tumble, he can choose to launch the sword at opponents just like in Nidhogg. The blade covers a massive amount of screen space, but it stays where it lands through round transitions, so he has to make it count.

In the event of a mirror match, either player can use either sword, which will turn the tide of battle in the favor of whichever blocky fighter picks it up. If you somehow manage to defeat your sword-wielding opponent, the blade will transfer over to you.

And finally, once The Fencer hits Kickfactor, the “Go” indicator from Nidhogg appears on the screen, and he can secure victory by exiting the stage.

For a full breakdown of The Fencer by the folks who designed him, as well as proof of how he performs in actual matches, be sure to check out the archive of Iron Galaxy’s stream from earlier today as well as the trailer we’ve included below.

This update comes alongside a permanent price reduction to $4.99, so if you’ve not yet picked up the world’s best two-button fighter, now is a great time to do it.

Source: Iron Galaxy Studios