Street Fighter V Looks Incredible on PC

By on October 22, 2015 at 5:02 pm

When it comes to the graphical end of things, Street Fighter IV started showing its age quite some time ago. Sure, if you run the Steam version you can crank up the antialiasing and particle effects or tweak the shadows to help spruce things up a little. You can even add after effect filters if you want a slightly different look. But even with these bits of polish, we’re still left with many of the same models and stages that we’ve been looking at since the game hit arcades back in 2008. Seven years is a long time, especially in video game years.

With Street Fighter V looming in the near future, we’ve got modern graphics to look forward to in addition to the new mechanics and characters. To show off just how far the graphics have come, the folks at PC Master Race–thanks to their early access key on PC–cranked things all the way up to 4K and sent us some amazing screenshots of the four characters that are currently playable.

We’ve included a handful of our favorite images below; be sure to click on each one to see it in its full resolution. Loads more can be found in the full gallery.

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They also uploaded a couple of gameplay videos to show Street Fighter V in action with the same ridiculous settings. The first video shows regular, plebeian 1080p, but the second cuts no corners, offering match footage in glorious 4K resolution. Let the buffering begin!

Street Fighter V’s beta will open to PC players starting tomorrow at 9 AM PDT, 12 PM EDT. More details on what it have in store can be found here.

Source: PC Master Race Latinoamérica