Send Vega Back to Barcelona with These Dudley Options in Ultra Street Fighter IV

By on October 14, 2015 at 7:48 pm
Ultra Street Fighter IV Dudley

Fighting against Vega in Ultra Street Fighter IV can be a hassle, especially if you’ve just got a lousy pair of blue boxing gloves to put up against his forearm-length claw. But even if you’re capable of dealing with his long reach, there’s still the issue of his mix-up options to consider if you plan on actually leaving the ring with a victory.

Thanks to a new video from Gillstolemyride, Dudley players now have at least a fighting chance against Vega when he takes to the air. These options make use of a jab dragon punch directly after blocking the first hit of EX Flying Barcelona Attack, which then allows Dudley enough time to buffer in some inputs and cover nearly every variable that the masked marauder has on his way back to the ground.

Gillstolemyride also covers some situations in which Dudley can punish Vega with a raw Ultra 1, which drives home the importance of bringing Ultra Combo Double to this match.

Source: Gillstolemyride via Jeremiah R.