Capcom Pro Tour Brazil Results

By on October 12, 2015 at 3:45 pm

UPDATE – This event has concluded! Full results can be found below.

While SoCal Regionals is going down in North America, South America is getting some Ultra Street Fighter IV Capcom Pro Tour action this weekend as well. Taking place as part of the annual Brazil Game Show in São Paulo, the Capcom Pro Tour Brazil event, like SCR, is a premier tournament, with a qualifying spot for Capcom Cup on the line.

In addition to Brazilian talent like Keoma, SOA|BrenoFighters and Reversal|ChuChu, BrawL|Haitani and FGC|Pepeday will be invading Brazil in hopes of qualifying.

The action starts on Saturday with pools (streamed on the CapcomUnityBR channel), with finals taking place on Monday (streamed on CapcomFighters).




Ultra Street Fighter IV

Keoma qualifies for the Capcom Cup finals in December.

1. Keoma (Abel)
2. BrawL|Haitani (Makoto)
3. SOA|Ibukiman (Ibuki, Oni, Juri)
4. Reversal|ChuChu (C.Viper, Sakura, Poison)
5. SOA.XR|Prometo (Balrog)
5. AAG|Pr3da (Rolento, Elena)
7. SOA|Caju (Hakan)
7. SFT|Guiller BR (Guile)

9. SFT|Alexandro (Ken)
9. FGC./r/Kappa|Pepeday (El Fuerte)
9. WW|CamizaKOF (Hugo, Sagat, T.Hawk)
9. AAG|Baby Brasil (Rufus)
13. SFT|Dark817 (Abel)
13. SFT|Fabinho (Zangief)
13. LTWins|Xitao (Adon)
13. SFT|Jacare (Cammy, Rufus)

Match Log

Grand Final

Keoma (Abel) vs. BrawL|Haitani (Makoto) – 3-1

Losers Final

SOA|Ibukiman (Oni) vs. BrawL|Haitani (Makoto) – 0-3

Winners Final

Keoma (Abel) vs. BrawL|Haitani (Rufus) – 3-2

Losers Semi-final

SOA|Ibukiman (Oni, Ibuki) vs. Reversal|ChuChu (C.Viper) – 3-2

Top 8 Winners

Reversal|ChuChu (Poison, C.Viper) vs. Keoma (Abel) – 0-3
AAG|Pr3da (Rolento) vs. BrawL|Haitani (Rufus) – 0-3

Top 8 Losers

SOA|Caju (Hakan) vs. SOA.XR|Prometo (Balrog) – 2-3
SOA|Ibukiman (Ibuki) vs. SFT|Guiller BR (Guile) – 3-1

Reversal|ChuChu (Sakura) vs. SOA.XR|Prometo (Balrog) – 3-0
SOA|Ibukiman (Ibuki) vs. AAG|Pr3da (Rolento, Elena) – 3-1

Top 16 Winners

Keoma (Abel) vs. WW|CamizaKOF (Hugo) – 2-0
Reversal|ChuChu (C.Viper) vs. SFT|Guiller BR (Guile) – 2-1
AAG|Pr3da (Rolento) vs. SOA.XR|Prometo (Balrog) – 2-1
BrawL|Haitani (Makoto) vs. SOA|Caju (Hakan) – 2-1

Top 16 Losers

SFT|Alexandro vs. SFT|Dark817
SFT|Fabinho vs. FGC./r/Kappa|Pepeday
LTWins|Xitao vs. SOA|Ibukiman
SFT|Jacare vs. AAG|Baby Brasil

SOA.XR|Prometo (Balrog) vs. SFT|Alexandro (Ken) – 2-1
FGC./r/Kappa|Pepeday (El Fuerte) vs. SOA|Caju (Hakan) – 0-2
SOA|Ibukiman (Juri) vs. WW|CamizaKOF (Sagat, T.Hawk) – 2-0
SFT|Guiller BR (Guile) vs. AAG|Baby Brasil (Rufus) – 2-0

Source: Capcom Pro Tour, CapcomUnityBR, CapcomFighters