Mezco Reveals Mortal Kombat X Variation Figures for Kitana, Quan Chi, and Kotal Khan

By on September 21, 2015 at 11:08 am

One of the interesting things that Mortal Kombat X introduced is multiple fighting styles for each character. Aside from their revised movesets, each variation also has a unique look that sets it apart from the others. This, in turn, is something that also translates well into the world of collectible action figures.

Mezco recently released a preview of their upcoming line of 6-inch variation figures from Series 2 of their Mortal Kombat X line. These feature Mournful Kitana, Sorcerer Quan Chi, and Blood God Kotal Khan.

To be as true to the game as possible, each figure is designed using the actual digital files from NetherRealm Studios themselves, with 17 points of articulation to allow accurate movement.

Pre-orders for these figures are available over at Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth for $19.99 each. Big Bad Toy Store also has the complete set for $58.99. The figures themselves are expected to ship sometime in December of this year.

Source: Toy Hype USA

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