Infiltration: “I think [Street Fighter V’s] constantly going in the right direction.”

By on September 7, 2015 at 10:08 am

After interviewing Infiltration a few months back about his performance at Evo 2015, Arcade Stream is back with another short discussion as the Korean player prepared to leave for First Attack 2015.

In this new interview, they talk about Infiltration’s reputation as a “gatekeeper” due to his visiting multiple Capcom Pro Tour events despite having already qualified. According to him, “gatekeeping,” or keeping players from qualifying is not his intention at all. Rather, with only four months left until Capcom Cup, he wants to be able to get as much experience fighting at the top level as possible, hence why we see him going out to multiple events.

Of course, they also take some time to touch on Street Fighter V, which Infiltration is looking forward to. “Street Fighter V feels like it’s getting faster. After playing for a bit, I’ve gotten a feel for the tempo,” he said. “By making the game more focused on offense, it’s making the game faster, making the game better in that respect. I think it’s constantly going in the right direction.”

But that’s just a small portion of what Infiltration has to say, so be sure to check out the video below for their full conversation.

Source: Arcade Stream via SpeedBrkr

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