TOPANGA LEAGUE’s Fifth Season Kicks Off This Weekend

By on September 2, 2015 at 7:31 pm

This Friday will see the start of the fifth season of TOPANGA’s high-level Ultra Street Fighter IV league competition, TOPANGA LEAGUE. As usual, this season starts off with the lower B League. Over the course of ten days, twenty of Japan’s strongest Street Fighters will take each other on for a chance to ascend to the high-profile A League. Seasoned veterans, rising stars…and a Dee Jay player? This year’s B League is looking to be as entertaining as ever.

B League Competitors

Below are the players of TOPANGA LEAGUE 5 (B). Included in the list of participants are A Leaguers who were demoted last season, losers of the replacement battle, high placers from last season’s B League, champions of each TOPANGA RANKING BATTLE 2015 region, winners of the online qualifier, and other players showing exceptional performances and skill in the past year. Chun-Li specialist Matsuri joins as the first female player in TOPANGA LEAGUE history.

Black Group

Player Character
Wanchantarou (Misse) Makoto
FGC|Pepeday El Fuerte
aiai Juri
Matsuri Chun-Li
Kenzo Akuma
MCZ|Mago Yang
Kitasenju DJ Dee Jay
RZR|Fuudo Fei Long

Red Group

Player Character
Kawaguchi Rose
Gachi-kun Sagat
YBK|Shiro Abel
Hagejin Zangief
MDR Rufus
6 Poison
FGC|Pugera Ibuki
Sasaki Cody
YBK|Dashio Seth


B League
Sep 4 (Fri) Sep 5 (Sat) Sep 6 (Sun)
Sep 11 (Fri) Sep 12 (Sat) Sep 13 (Sun)
Sep 21 (Mon) Sep 22 (Tue) Sep 23 (Wed)
A-B League Replacement Battle Playoff
Oct 4 (Sun)
Match Schedule

ROUND 1 – September 4 (Fri)

Black Group
aiai vs. Kenzo
Kitasenju vs. SANTAROU
SANTAROU vs. Fuudo
Wanchantarou vs. Matsuri
NINOMAE vs. Mago

Red Group
Hagejin vs. Sasaki
MDR vs. Gachi-kun
Dashio vs. Shiro
Dashio vs. Kawaguchi
Shiro vs. Sasaki

ROUND 2 – September 5 (Sat)

Black Group
Wanchantarou vs. Pepeday
Kitasenju DJ vs. Matsuri
Pepeday vs. Kenzo
aiai vs. Fuudo

Red Group
Hagejin vs. 6
6 vs. Sasaki
Gachi-kun vs. Shiro
MDR vs. Dashio
Kawaguchi vs. Shiro

ROUND 3 – September 6 (Sun)

Black Group
aiai vs. Mago
Wanchantarou vs. SANTAROU
Kenzo vs. SANTAROU
Kitasenju DJ vs. NINOMAE
Fuudo vs. Matsuri

Red Group
6 vs. Dashio
Hagejin vs. Shiro
Dashio vs. Sasaki
Gachi-kun vs. Dashio
MDR vs. Kawaguchi

ROUND 4 – September 11 (Fri)


ROUND 5 – September 12 (Sat)


ROUND 6 – September 13 (Sun)


ROUND 7 – September 21 (Mon)


ROUND 8 – September 22 (Tue)


ROUND 9 – September 23 (Wed)


Replacement Battle Playoff – October 4 (Sun)


Rules & Format

Players will be broken up into two groups of ten. To prevent repeated matchups, players using the same character will be separated into different groups. The remaining rules are the same as previous years: B League will be played online in best-of-five game matches. Players are ranked by win-loss record, or in the case of a tie, by game win-loss difference, followed by head-to-head matchup results.

First and second place in each group will be promoted to A League. Third place in each group will join BE|Nemo and MCZ|Tokido in a four-player offline playoff league for a shot at promotion. Each match there will be a best-of-thirteen game set, with deuce rules to ten wins. The top two players will be promoted to A League.


With the increase in players comes an increase in prize money. The top three placers for each group will be awarded a cash prize.

Placement Prize
First Place of each Group 100,000 Yen
(~830 USD)
Second Place of each Group 50,000 Yen
(~415 USD)
Third Place of each Group 30,000 Yen
(~250 USD)

Broadcast & Pricing Information

TOPANGA LEAGUE 5 will be streamed on Niconico Live as a pay-per-view series of broadcasts. Purchasing a season ticket for each League will allow viewers to watch the entirety of that league, or in the case of the full league ticket, all 22 days of TOPANGA LEAGUE 5. One Niconico point is the equivalent of one Japanese yen. While the most practical payment method for foreign viewers is by credit card, be aware that some credit cards may not work.

Ticket Price
B League Individual Day Ticket 300 Niconico points
(~2.50 USD)
B League Season Ticket
(10 Days)
2000 Niconico points
(~16.60 USD)
A League Individual Day Ticket 500 Niconico points
(~4.15 USD)
A League Season Ticket
(12 Days)
3500 Niconico points
(~29.10 USD)
Full League Season Ticket
(22 Days)
5000 Niconico points
(~41.55 USD)


A League Information

A League will begin shortly after the completion of B League. Six players are confirmed to return this year, with six players to be determined by B League’s results to fill out the league of twelve. The prize pool has been increased, with the champion taking home a clean 1,500,000 yen.


Team HORI’s sako is a legend. Lauded as one of Japan’s five fighting game gods, he is known for his precise execution, extensive knowledge, and brilliant offense. After being demoted to B League after the third season, sako showed the world what he could do with Ultra Street Fighter IV newcomer Elena, effortlessly rising back into A League and finishing at a strong third place.

Unfortunately, sako won’t be making a return to TOPANGA LEAGUE this year. On Kachitagari TV, it was announced that sako would be exiting the competition. sako’s wife Akiki confirmed, stating that sako is currently “taking on new challenges.”

While normally three players are automatically promoted from B League to A League, sako’s departure opens an extra slot, meaning four players will advance.

A League Details

A League Competitors

MCZ|Daigo Umehara


Placement Prize
First Place 1,500,000 Yen
(~12,445 USD)
Second Place 500,000 Yen
(~4150 USD)
Third Place 250,000 Yen
(~2075 USD)
Fourth Place 100,000 Yen
(~830 USD)
Third Place 50,000 Yen
(~415 USD)

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