BisonBot Brings a Human Touch to the World of AI-Controlled Fighters

By on August 18, 2015 at 2:22 pm
Ultra Street Fighter IV Bison

This morning, Ominous contacted us to share their progress on BisonBot, a “fully functional AI-guided program” that pilots Ultra Street Fighter IV’s one and only dictator.

Some of our readers will likely recall Dantarion’s KenBot project, which we covered just over a year ago. Thanks to its ability to read the game state and react accordingly, the KenBot was the embodiment of (exaggerated) yomi. It was borderline psychic. BisonBot, while similar to the KenBot, approaches fighting from a different angle. Instead of working with godlike reactions, Ominous’ bot attempts to mimic a more human playstyle.

Like human players, BisonBot “has to commit, guess, and react. It is designed to log the opponent’s preferences and weakness [and] to adjust accordingly.” Ominous goes on to say that it has “been made to feel pressure during tense situations, and must commit to guesses in the opponent’s mix up.” With these sort of human limitations, one has to wonder if BisonBots also dream.

The project is still in its early stages, but if you’re interested in checking out just what this AI can do, we’ve included three match videos below that show it in action.

Source: Ominous_