Red Bull Gives Darryl “Snake Eyez” Lewis Wings

By on July 22, 2015 at 5:28 pm

snakeeyez-redbullAfter a seemingly endless string of promotional work for the energy drink company, Darryl “Snake Eyez” Lewis was officially made part of Red Bull’s competitive gaming roster earlier today. The news was shared by Lewis himself, who also contributed an image of the contract signing, pictured to the right.

As the world’s preeminent Zangief player in Ultra Street Fighter IV, Lewis has continued to ride the grappler to victory at events like SoCal Regionals, Winter Brawl, and The Fall Classic despite diversifying with Evil Ryu to cover his bad matchups. He placed just outside of top eight at this year’s Evolution Championship Series due to an early quarterfinals loss to Razer’s Keita “Fuudo” Ai and elimination at the hands of Daigo Umehara of Mad Catz.

With this signing, Lewis joins a growing number of gamers to be sponsored by Red Bull, a group that includes fellow fighting game player Marie-Laure “Kayane” Norindr. The organization has also made previous forays into the fighting game community with events like Red Bull Kumite, a prestigious invitational that saw some of the world’s strongest players–Snake Eyez included–travel to Paris, France to compete.

Regularly regarded as the strongest Zangief in the world, this sponsorship will hopefully give Lewis the opportunity to travel the globe and prove it.

Source: Snake Eyez