Street Fighter V’s Necalli Rends His Way into Your Heart with His Moveset

By on July 21, 2015 at 1:48 pm

At Evo 2015, Capcom revealed its first original character for its upcoming fighter Street Fighter V, Necalli. If you’re looking to find out more about this savage warrior, 4Gamer has details on his profile and selection of his moves, translated below.


From 4Gamer:



Necalli, the Soul-slaying Darkness

An ancient warrior who consumes the souls of the strong. He sniffs out mortal combat and stands in the way of the mighty. With his overwhelmingly destructive power, he slaughters everything.

Height: 190 cm
Weight: 113 kg
Occupation: Ancient warrior
Likes: The souls of the strong

V-Reversal: Michibiku Yobigoe (The Call)

Necalli blows the opponent away with a powerful roar! After striking back, rush in.


V-Trigger: Chikara no Honryu (Torrent of Power)

Necalli releases his original power! His attacks become powered up with no time restraints, but he can no longer use V-Reversals, making it a double-edged sword. Crush the opponent with your ancient power!


V-Skill: Chikara no Shuyaku (Culminated Power)

He can release a shockwave from the ground. The positioning can be changed with directional input. You can use this V-Skill at long range to check the opponent.


Special Move: Enban no Michibiki (The Disc’s Guidance)

Necalli shreds with both hands as he rushes forward. Use this for surprise attacks and as a combo finisher.


Special Move: Taichi no Kamen (Mask of Tlalli)

After grabbing the opponent’s head, Necalli slams them into the ground in this simple yet intense move. You can see his incredible power as he flings the opponent with ease with a single hand.


Critical Art: Meiyo no Gishiki (Ceremony of Honor)

After roaring he strikes, knocking the opponent into the wall and bathing them in attacks. It may be a primitive attack, but it must be a fatal blow if hit. If done during V-Trigger…!?




Street Fighter V is set to hit PlayStation 4 and PC spring 2016, with its first online closed beta test starting July 23.

Source: 4Gamer