Famitsu Details BlazBlue: Central Fiction’s Newcomers, Updated Mechanics, and More

By on July 16, 2015 at 9:26 am

Early this week, Arc System Works announced the latest and supposed final chapter to the BlazBlue series, BlazBlue: Central Fiction. If you’ve been clamoring for more information on the title, wait no longer! The latest issue of Famitsu gives you a full dose what’s new with BlazBlue.


From Weekly Famitsu, Issue 2015/07/30:

The Conclusion of the Azure Story! The Final Chapter of the Battle Begins!

The 2D versus fighting game series BlazBlue is known for its highly strategic gameplay and grand story. The latest entry in the series will launch in arcades this winter! BlazBlue: Central Fiction marks the conclusion of the story surrounding protagonist Ragna the Bloodedge. New systems, new characters, and an “azure story” at its greatest scale in series history thrusts the fierce battle to its climax. The first batch of information brings you details the new story and renovated fight system.


The Stage of Battle Returns to Kagutsuchi!


Central Fiction’s story moves the previous game Chronophantasma’s setting from Ikaruga to the place where everything started, Kagutsuchi. In a world of unease where the events of the past seem to be repeating themselves, what will the protagonist Ragna see? A new, unknown chapter of BlazBlue begins!

Renewed Battle System and Graphics

The stages, game screen graphical elements as well as battle system that is the fight’s core have been renewed, further polishing up the quality. Character illustrations have been newly drawn by Arc System Works artist Yuuki Katou.

The character select screen and versus screen get a makeover.
The character select screen and versus screen get a makeover.


Over 50 stages from Ikaruga and Kagutsuchi make appearances. This truly is the series's culmination.
Over 50 stages from Ikaruga and Kagutsuchi make appearances. This truly is the series’s culmination.


New System 1 – EXCEED ACCEL: Super Moves During Overdrive

Two new systems have been added in Central Fiction that will change the face of battle. The first is Exceed Accel. It’s a super move performed by pressing all four buttons while in Overdrive, a temporary power-up of the unique Drive abilities. If the attack connects an exclusive cinematic initiate as you land massive amounts of damage.

A new option has been added to Overdrive. It has easy inputs, activated by simply pressing all four buttons simultaneously.


New System 2 – ACTIVE FLOW: The Bolder the Attack, the Greater the Advantage!

If you continue to take active actions like hitting the opponent with attacks, the character will enter Active Flow state. While active, attack damage is increased and the regeneration of the Burst Gauge, used for Overdrive activation, quickens.

The change in the vitality gauge’s character icon indicates that Active Flow is active. Exceed Accel is also greatly strengthened and the cinematic becomes extremely flashy.


Two Newcomers Make an Impactful Entrance!

Two new characters join the Azure Story’s battle! Fitting additions to the culmination, bringing the character count to 30.


Naoto Kurogane

Voice: Nobunaga Shimazaki

Protagonist of the novel BLAZBLUE Bloodedge Experience. He’s a current high school student who carries the “Hunter’s Eye” in his left eye, joining Central Fiction as a stranger from another world. He’s a standard-type character who fights with Bloodedge and his fists.

A Comment from Nobunaga Shimazaki, the Voice of Naoto

This fiery boy who perfectly fits the image of “The Protagonist”. Each of his moves are really cool and as a game character he’s very straightforward. For those interested in knowing more about hit, please also check out the novel.

Naoto is a standard-type character who fights with his bare hands. He has a play feel with no peculiarities, making him easy to pick up.


Drive Ability: Bloodedge

Naoto’s Drive ability is Bloodedge. He can unleash slashing attacks with a blade formed of his own blood. One feature of the Drive is that the attacks have normal and charged versions. The normal versions have long range, but charged the attacks reach even farther and have a guard crush effect. Try fighting using the two forms of attack skillfully.

Unique Ability: Enhancer

Enhancer is a unique ability that alters special moves when performed while dashing. The attacks gain new effects such as multiple hits.


Naoto’s hair turns white!? Taking advantage of the novel’s setting, white-haired Naoto also appears in Central Fiction, bridging the media with a shared story universe.



Hibiki Kohaku

Voice: Mitsuhiro Ichiki

Hibiki, who appeared in the previous game Chronophantasma’s story as Kagura’s outstanding secretary, joins the battle. He’s a technical-type character with tricky attacks using his offshoot.

A Comment from Ichiki Matsuhiro, the voice of Hibiki

Sorry for the long wait. Hibiki finally makes his battle debut. I had a hard time waiting myself. When the game launches, please have fun with Hibiki’s signature tricky actions. And let’s face off in the arcade.

In Chronophantasma, Hibiki served as a support to Kagura, who revolts against the Librarium.


Dive Ability: Double Chase

Hibiki’s Drive is an offshoot move. Pressing the D Button unleashes the image in front of him. Combining this with directional input, Hibiki can take over the image, moving his actual self forward.

Hibiki splits into two and unleashes a rush attack. The player can freely choose which image to control.


Special Move: Zanshoukyaku > (Follow-up) Senba

Hibiki nimbly leaps into the air. From here, he can branch off into a variety of moves. Senba unleashes a countless number of projectiles from above!

Hibiki’s advantages are his surprise teleportation abilities and his speed. Combine his speed with Double Chase and freely move about the stage, vertically and horizontally!
Hibiki’s Exceed Accel, Sakuougi “Haraebina”. Hibiki uses the swords in each hand and instantly minces up the opponent!

Sources: Famitsu Online, Weekly Famitsu via Kurushii