Get an Early Scoop on Tremor’s Gameplay in Mortal Kombat X

By on July 9, 2015 at 11:13 am


Although Predator just joined the Mortal Kombat X cast this week, folks have done a fair bit of digging into the PC version’s localization files and found details pertaining to Tremor’s variations, movelist, and more. This is a pretty substantial find considering we probably won’t see the character for another month, so let’s take a look at these discoveries.

First off, Tremor will have three separate variations at this disposal. Aftershock gives the ground-based combatant access to a ground pound move that can also be performed in the air. Similar to attack archetypes in other games, players can adjust this move to affect areas either close to Tremor or further away, but only if he is airborne.

Metallic, on the other hand, gives him specials that can apply either gold or lava skin. Holding the activation button results gold or lava armor, which we can only surmise as being an upgrade. Gold and lava use the same inputs, so it’s possible one name is the official title and the other is a holdover from development. Many of Tremor’s special moves are adjusted when these skin and armor skills are activated.

Finally, Crystalline Tremor functions as a summoning character, capable of calling forth a crystal that becomes a boulder when meter-burned. Much like in the Metallic variation, these summons change the properties of his normal special moves and also give him access to a few unique attacks.

All in all, Tremor appears to have a very wide range of playstyles at his disposal, though with this limited information it’s hard to truly understand what he will be capable of. There’s a lot still up in the air and it’s possible some of this may change between now and his official release, but feel free to check out the original post for an early look at the upcoming fighter’s normals, strings, and specials.

Source: r/MortalKombat, original data provided by Murdoink