Arc System Works Bringing Battle Fantasia to Steam on July 7

By on July 1, 2015 at 6:45 pm

Remember the teaser images Arc System Works tweeted out over the last week hinting at a new fighter coming to Steam? Well, the developer has just launched a new website revealing the title to be none other than Battle Fantasia, confirming it will be making its way to PC on July 7.

Battle Fantasia is a quirky game that arrived in arcades back in 2007 before appearing on consoles a year later. Emiko Iwasaki headed development of the game after working as an illustrator on the Guilty Gear series, and created her own unique take on the genre. Pulling heavy inspiration from fantasty roleplaying titles, Battle Fantasia uses 3D models and small touches like floating damage numbers to set itself apart from its peers, as well as being more simple and streamlined while retaining a faster pace the developer is known for.

Now that Battle Fantasia is moving to the more modern space of PC gaming, the folks over at Arc System Works want to do a little more than just a straight port. As you’ll see in the galleries below, Revised Edition’s visual fidelity has definitely seen a noticeable upgrade, with certain animations and effects being updated entirely. You can also expect the game to employ delay-based netcode.

If you haven’t checked this one out, it’s a pretty neat and distinguishable niche title, and we’d recommend keeping an eye on it when it comes to Steam next week.

Source: Arc System Works