Relive Community Effort Orlando 2015’s Intense Ultra Street Fighter IV Finals

By on June 29, 2015 at 3:51 pm

To say Community Effort Orlando 2015 was one of the most exciting Ultra Street Fighter IV tournaments we’ve ever seen wouldn’t do the event justice. As players poured into Florida in hopes of qualifying for Capcom Cup 2015, it was clearly evident we were in for something special, but what resulted was definitely beyond our wildest imagination. This was a tournament that saw Mad Catz’ Daigo Umehara and Momochi of Evil Geniuses eliminated off-stream early into the top 32 bracket, after all.

While the presence of Kazunoko and Evil Geniuses’ PR Balrog in the finals is far from a surprise, their fellow top-three participant made waves throughout the entire bracket. 801 Strider, whose Abel has been decimating opponents throughout the Street Fighter IV series for years, devastated everyone who stood in his way over the course of the weekend with his clever oki setups and tricky grappler play.

In addition to being the one who initially sent Daigo to the losers bracket, Strider would go on to defeat Dieminion of Yomi Gaming and Mad Catz’ Mago (fresh off a first-place finish at South East Asia Major 2015) before falling to Kazunoko in winners bracket after the Japanese player made an impressive comeback. Though he would win his own close set against PR Balrog and get the runback, Strider would again fall to Kazunoko, but not before impressing just about everyone watching in the venue and at home with his tenacity.

If you missed out on watching these matches live, Capcom Fighters wasted no time uploading replays. Feel free to check out the finals below and then visit the official playlist for more.

Source: Capcom Fighters