Mortal Kombat X’s PC Port May Have a New Developer

By on June 18, 2015 at 3:51 pm


Although Mortal Kombat X’s popularity exploded on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at launch, the PC port was hampered by some rather glaring issues, many of which extended in to the early parts of the following month before being corrected. Due to the mess created by third-party developer High Voltage Software, NetherRealm Studios eventually had to step in themselves, and it appears as if their latest solution has introduced yet another entity to clean things up.

Recent changes in Mortal Kombat X’s data indicate that Polish company QLOC S.A. is currently in the process of making background changes to the Steam title. While the name may not be familiar, the studio has had their hands in many titles over the past few years, including Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Street Fighter x Tekken’s respective PC ports.

According to QLOC’s website, they are capable of handling projects in need of porting and quality assurance, which definitely fits the bill for Mortal Kombat X. In fact, they may already be familiar with the Steam version, as a press release put out by fellow SoftClub affiliate Cenega in April mentioned that the team was in charge of porting the title to areas like the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, and their native Poland.

We are currently unable to confirm if High Voltage has been completely removed from development or if they are just receiving a helping hand from QLOC. At the time of writing, we have received no response from any of the individuals involved, though it’s likely the hustle and bustle of E3 2015 is keeping them busy. We will be sure to update this article should we hear back.

In any event, this is great news for fans of Mortal Kombat X without access to a home platform, and hopefully the lingering issues see some relatively quick clean-up from this fresh set of eyes.

Source: Steam Database via Reddit, NetherRealm Studios, NeoGAF