TS|Nerdjosh Discovers Crouch Tech Variation in Street Fighter V

By on June 17, 2015 at 7:10 pm


With Street Fighter V having a fully playable build at E3 2015, a number of players at the event are tearing through the new engine and putting it through its paces. There are many updated systems in place to limit techniques discovered in previous games, and some players have taken the time to experiment around these to look for new ways get past them.

Earlier today, a tweet from Evil Geniuses Eduardo “PR Balrog” Perez surfaced proclaiming a version of the crouch tech option select had been discovered, a technique Capcom recognized and attempted to remove in the upcoming title. To confirm, we got in contact with Josh “Nerdjosh” Jodoin of Team Spooky, who claims to have discovered this altered strategy during his time at the convention, and he took the time to briefly explain to us how this works.

While crouching, a player can input light punch or light kick, then slowly roll or piano their input over to hit the other button at the same time, resulting in a throw tech input. If you input the throw tech late enough so that a throw whiff can’t come out, the character will perform both normals in quick succession. Should the opposing player throw you, the game will recognize the throw tech input and counter the attempt.

This closely resembles a technique from Street Fighter IV used to crouch tech using jab. Jodoin made sure to note that this technique is much more difficult to pull off due to some strict timing requirements; input too early and you get a kara grab, too late and the throw whiff will be buffered and come out anyways.

With this being discovered so early, there’s a good chance it will be brought to Capcom’s attention, and they can decide how best to address the viability of this strategy in the game. Many thoughtful systems have been put in place in an attempt to restrict defensive option selects, and most of them have been successful. However, developers can never count on what happens when a community as creative as the fighting game scene get their hands on something.

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