Let’s Stun, Like Gentlemen! Gillstolemyride Shares Optimized Dudley Options Against the Entire Ultra Street Fighter IV Cast

By on June 11, 2015 at 6:08 pm

Dudley player Gillstolemyride just launched a YouTube channel dedicated to the gentlemanly side of Ultra Street Fighter IV. The video that got the channel going covers a bevy of follow-ups to Dudley’s toward fierce attack, which are far from classy. They’re honestly a little scary.

This tech is intended for late-match use, as Dudley needs all the meter that he can get his gloves on, but as you’ll soon see, it’s meter well spent. All of these situations begin with Dudley hitting his opponent out of a back dash with a toward fierce and then proceeding to carry them across the screen with a series of slugs that will leave them only a couple of hits below their stun threshold. Landing that next attack or two will guarantee the lowest damage scaling possible for the following stun combo, most of which leave opponents with mere pixels keeping them standing.

The video is quite long–nearly 20 minutes–but Gillstolemyride has included a handy list of time stamps in the video’s description for easy navigation.

Source: Gillstolemyride, shoutout to James Chen for the retweet