Evo 2015 Super Street Fighter II Turbo Side Tournaments Unveiled, Registration Now Live

By on June 5, 2015 at 2:32 pm


Despite being over two decades old, it would be a rather glaring oversight and just plain weird if Super Street Fighter II Turbo wasn’t represented at Evolution in some fashion. That’s why it shouldn’t be that surprising that ST Revival has a side tournament in the works for this resilient classic.

Presented by eltrouble, Evo 2015’s Super Turbo event will include both singles and 2-on-2 competition. Online registration is now open and is scheduled to run through July 13, after which on-site registration and its added costs will be available for late additions. To secure your spot in this tournament, be sure to head on over to ST Revival and register as soon as possible.

Matches will play out on Undamned Supergun setups, meaning a majority of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 controllers should be compatible with the cabinets thanks to their added USB support.

These side tournaments are set for Friday, July 17, and Saturday, July 18, respectively, so adjust your schedule accordingly. Evo 2015 itself is scheduled for July 17-19.

Source: ST Revival