Help Design Evo 2015’s Official Street Fighter Apparel

By on June 3, 2015 at 11:22 am


The folks behind the Evolution Championship Series have a new collaboration in the work with both Capcom and Gaming Generations, and will be offering artistic members the community the opportunity to join in as well with a special design contest.

By submitting your idea for an official Street Fighter x Evo t-shirt, you stand the chance of winning a couple of cool prizes if your design is chosen. The winner will see their art come to life on a shirt and receive a royalty deal that includes a pair of three-day passes to Evo 2015, while the runner-up’s artwork will receive a royalty deal as well as being turned into a limited edition poster to be given away with each t-shirt purchase.

The deadline to enter is June 19 with winner announcements scheduled for June 22. There are a few guidelines you’ll need to follow to make sure your submission is legitimate, so check out the rules below for more details.

Evo 2015 Design Contest Info
  • Submissions should be sent to
  • Submissions should be 640×800 pixels and under 500kb. 
  • All artwork must be produced at least 300dpi and be 13w x 19h inches or smaller.
  • All artwork has a 7 color limit, with halftones set at 55LPI.
  • Final artwork must be submitted as an editable PSD or AI file. 
  • Shirts cannot contain intellectual property, landmarks, or trademarks not owned or operated by Capcom (only characters from the Street Fighter universe are allowed), EVO, or Gaming Generations. This means Vegas landmarks & Hotels are off limits.
  • Should not include any dates
  • Submitted artwork will never be available for viewing by the public at large, and will remain private for internal use only, unless you have won the contest.
  • Submitted artwork, if used, becomes the property of Capcom and EVO. Winners will grant Evo/Capcom a 3 month license to use their artwork. The winner will receive a $0.25 royalty for every t-shirt sold with their artwork on it for the three-month period beginning June 1 though August 30, 2015. The runner up will receive a $0.10 royalty for every poster given away with the winning t-shirt for the three-month period beginning June 1 though August 30, 2015.
  • Submitted artwork that is not used, will remain property of the artist, but can’t be used publicly without Evo/Capcom consent if the Capcom/Evo IP is used in the artwork.