Capcom Pro Tour Drops Ultra Street Fighter IV on PlayStation 4 Until Launch Issues Resolved

By on May 27, 2015 at 7:57 pm


With the utter avalanche of problems cropping up in Ultra Street Fighter IV for PlayStation 4 on a regular basis, folks were obviously upset on a personal level with how things went down. But, in a competitive sense, the greater issue came from the port’s importance to the Capcom Pro Tour, especially with regards to Evo 2015 and Community Effort Orlando 2015.

While both Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar and Alex Jebailey made separate statements suggesting that they would not use the PlayStation 4 version at their respective events as long as it remained unpatched, many community members were waiting on word from Capcom as to how they would handle the tournament circuit moving forward.

Earlier tonight, a statement was released on Capcom-Unity from the developers themselves to shine a light on where they stood. “A lot of our more competitive players have wondered how the [PlayStation 4 version of Ultra Street Fighter IV] will affect them and the [Capcom Pro Tour],” the message reads. “To that we’d like to advise that the integrity of the Capcom Pro Tour is a top priority for us and we will continue to work with tournament organizers worldwide to ensure that the highest quality event will be run.

To attain that goal, Capcom has officially stated that each tournament will continue to use whatever hardware is standard to their region throughout the rest of this year’s pro tour. Further word on when the PlayStation 4 release will see a return to competition is expected later.

As for their involvement in fixing Ultra Street Fighter IV, Capcom is currently working with Sony to resolve the buggy game’s glaring problems “as quickly as possible.” The community can expect updates on their progress along the way.

Although it’s apparent Capcom had very little to do with the development of this title, one has to wonder how it would have fared if they had kept a closer eye on it. Let’s hope the corrections come fast now that they are actively involved in the process.

Source: Capcom-Unity