Killer Instinct Community Fund Grants $15,000 Pot Bonus to CEO 2015, $10,000 to Combo Breaker

By on May 12, 2015 at 11:16 am


The developers behind Killer Instinct will be providing substantial pot bonuses to tournaments thanks to their recent fundraising efforts. The first to be announced, Evo 2015, is set to receive half of the $100,000 raised, but new details released on Ultra-Combo reveal two more tournaments that will be getting in on the action as well.

Community Effort Orlando 2015 and Combo Breaker have been granted $15,000 and $10,000 respectively for their Killer Instinct prize pools, adding to some already impressive support heading their way. The higher amount of the former will allow organizers to spread the bonus throughout top sixteen, while folks who make it into top eight at the latter can look forward to a slice of the pie.

The community fund’s $100,000 cap was raised in just three days thanks to the sale of Killer Instinct downloadable content, which included the first public release of the Shadow Jago skin. Thanks to the dedication shown by fans across the world, Shadow Jago will eventually join the playable cast as his own unique character.

Combo Breaker is scheduled to take place May 22-24 in Chicago, Illinois, with Community Effort Orlando 2015 planning to turn up the heat in Florida this summer the weekend of June 26. Be sure to follow the previous links for more details on these events.

This announcement leaves $25,000 in the community fund, so stay tuned for word on more tournament support in the near future.

Source: Ultra-Combo