Cerebella Works Around Squigly’s Tracking Super in This Amazing Skullgirls Encore Combo Video

By on May 6, 2015 at 12:12 pm

When it comes to combo videos, there are usually two types. On one hand, you have practical videos that are meant to show optimized stuff for players to use in actual matches, and on the other you have the insanely flashy ones that take advantage of certain interactions in the game to produce impressive, impractical combos that are just for show.

The following Skullgirls Encore combo video definitely falls into the second category. In the demonstration, Dragonos451 finds a way to work around Squigly’s level 3 super (a tracking projectile that can be manually controlled even if Squigly herself is in hitstun) to create a sort of obstacle course that Cerebella needs to work through while still continuing her combo.

Another interesting thing about the video is that it does go a bit meta. The first part shows an easier variation done before the game was patched during the middle of production–something that required a total rethink of how to do the combos–and one that arguably makes the combos below more impressive.

Source: Dragonos451

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