Project Soul Asks Fans to Indicate Their Favorite SoulCalibur Characters in New Poll

By on May 1, 2015 at 5:12 pm
SoulCalibur Siegfried

SoulCalibur Siegfried SMALL
Earlier today, the SoulCalibur Facebook page opened a poll to ask fans of the series who their favorite fighters from the long-running franchise are. While it’s exciting that they’re asking something like this, there’s very little information surrounding exactly what the company plans to do with the data once it’s collected. In their own words, Project Soul “is probably preparing something huge,” and it doesn’t really get much more ambiguous than that.

Based on the fact that this poll includes nearly every character from the series up until this point, those betting on a new title are probably closer to correct than those expecting this to be a poll just for the sake of polling, but, again, we currently have no way of knowing.

The poll has been set up so that each person only gets to vote once, and only for one character. Think it over. Take a couple of weeks to relive memories spent in the arcade slamming people around with Nightmare, or look back on those somber evenings spent rafting with Siegfried, but be sure that you get your vote in by May 31st, as the poll will be closing then.

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