Review: Leaptrade

By on April 26, 2015 at 2:03 pm

I recently was asked to test out a new game trading site. The site is called Leaptrade, and they provide an alternate to video game stores that charge top dollar for used games.

What is Leaptrade?

Leaptrade provides an outlet to buy and sell video game that you own through the mail. Basically you go to their website choose which video game you want, and start your place in line. When you are done with the game, you hop back on the site and put it up for sale. It’s basically an eBay for video games.

Quality & Selection

Leaptrade has a huge selection of titles. I didn’t have any trouble getting any game I wanted, though I have heard that some people have had to wait to get newer games. A good idea is to not have your heart set on any particular title, and have an open mind on what is available and what isn’t.


This is where I had a problem with the site. All of the prices are set in stone, and the user has no control over setting your price. If you are a stickler for setting your own price, you are better off using an auction site for your business.


Games generally sell for slightly more on Leaptrade than on other sites. This all balances out by the fact that sellers pay for the shipping on Leaptrade, as opposed to other sites that make the buyer pay for shipping. The negatives are money from sales can only be spent on other games at Leaptrade.

Leaptrade does not charge a fee per trade, the only fee is $3.49 for shipping (In the U.S.) which is paid by the seller. Sellers can’t pay for shipping with credit earned by trading in the game, they have to use real money.

Game Consoles Covered

Leaptrade has games for every major console currently on the market including: Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, XBox 360, Nintendo WiiU, and many older gaming systems. They do not have PC games and for good reason. Most require a key which is a one-time use, and would not benefit multiple owners.


There is no membership fee, so you can just come and go if you choose. This is a good thing, especially if you are a bargain hunter looking for that great game that might be of an older generation.


The used game market is still very valuable for many consumers. The digital age is still coming around, so many players like to be able to sell a game right after the have completed it. There are auction sites like eBay, or used game shops like Gamestop and Best Buy if you want to get some games, but the prices are relatively high for newer games.

Should you use Leaptrade?

I think if you are looking for an older game, this site might be perfect for you. A lot of players have old games laying around, and are looking to get more money than trading it in a video game store. Set prices benefits the seller over the buyer as you might get more than a few dollars for your old game and this isn’t a bad thing. All in all, this site is worth at least checking out (if you are in the US), and it’s free to join so no need to worry about cancelling or membership fees, that is.