Join Persona for Another King of Fighters XIII 100% Damage Combo Video

By on April 20, 2015 at 2:05 pm

By now, you’ve almost certainly seen a few of Persona’s King of Fighters XIII combo videos. These exhibitions, which always push the limits of the characters involved, have been entertaining combo connoisseurs for quite some time, and they almost always include a couple of 100% damage strings to make sure the footage closes out with a bang.

Today, as a slight change of pace, the combo master casts aside practicality with a nearly six-minute showcase comprised entirely of touch of death combos. The video gives several characters the spotlight, including Ash, Raiden, Mr. Karate, and plenty more.

Expect to see excessive use of both the drive meter and super meter as HD Mode strings and Max Cancels fly to deliver a series of stylish death blows.

Source: Persona