Yahoo! Maximize Yun’s Post-Ultra Damage in Ultra Street Fighter IV

By on April 14, 2015 at 11:29 am
Yun Ultra 1

It’s important to get the most damage possible out of every hit that lands when playing any fighting game. Knowing exactly how to do this takes a certain degree of familiarity not only with the character you’re playing, but with the game as well.

In an effort to help Yun players reach their max damage potential, xOver of the Rush and Kill Clan put together a brief breakdown of all the fighter’s follow-up options for his Ultra 1. As expected, these combos include options for various screen placements, meter expenditure, and even offer up some ambiguous reset opportunities. And it just wouldn’t be a Yun combo video without some love for his Genei Jin super.

Do note that all of these juggles assume that Yun landed a raw Ultra combo. If you performed an attack to juggle into the Ultra to begin with, these options become much more limited.

Source: RnK Clan