NetherRealm Studios Details Mortal Kombat X Mobile, Unveils Kenshi and Sonya Blade’s Variants in Recent Kombat Kast

By on April 2, 2015 at 1:12 pm

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During today’s Kombat Kast, the folks at NetherRealm Studios shared a great deal of information surrounding the upcoming mobile version of Mortal Kombat X and also unveiled the variants that Kenshi and Sonya Blade will bring to the fight.

First and foremost, Mortal Kombat X Mobile, a card battler, will be a free-to-play once it goes live. The game has been designed specifically for play on mobile devices, which means that the team crafted all of the inputs with touch screens in mind. To demonstrate how these controls will work, the team showed off a couple of mobile fatalities. Once a round has been completed, the classic FINISH HIM text appears and the fatality animation begins to play. The winning player is them prompted to assist their character in performing the finishing move through various blood soaked swipes and taps.

Since the mobile game is intended as a tie-in with the console version, players will be able to link their two accounts and contribute to their faction of choice while on the go as well as when playing at home. For more information surrounding the game’s faction system, check out our article covering last week’s Kombat Kast.

Some bonuses for playing the mobile variant will carry over to the console version of the game as well, namely, a selection of unique costumes. Today, the team offered a brief look at the Ninja Mime Johnny Cage and the Farmer Jax alts. Yes, you read those correctly–Ninja Mime and Farmer–and no, April first was yesterday. These are real, hilarious, and perfect for adding an extra dash of humiliation, since the finishing moves of the same name have sadly been left out of Mortal Kombat X.

And it just wouldn’t be a Kombat Kast without a close look at some of the characters that will be taking the stage once the game releases. Now less that two weeks away, the team was able to lift the curtain on the finalized character selection screen and it’s nice to see all of those little squares occupied by bloodthirsty combatants.

Kenshi Small
The team was excited to announce Kenshi’s addition to the title and showed off his variations first. The blind swordsman’s variants function a little bit differently than those for many other characters. He still has three options to choose between, but their impact shines through in the way in which his common pool of special attacks function, rather than through adding a great deal of additional moves to his kit.

First, in his Balanced version, Kenshi is able to summon spirit warriors who wield swords and do his bidding. These spirits offer anti-airs, combo extensions as well as combo starters.

In his Possessed variant, Kenshi’s blade has been split by evil energy, allowing the spirits contained within to escape. As the variant’s name suggests, these spirits have possessed him. Instead of summoning the rather calm, blue spirits that he brings to battle in the Balanced variant, he now summons forth terrifying demons to perform his various attacks. The team noted that this variant will score much of its damage from large, single hits as opposed to relying heavily on combos, which could make it the perfect starting point for players new to the series.

Perhaps the most exciting offering of the Possessed variant is the addition of a tracking teleport that places Kenshi directly in front of and above his opponent. He is able to attack immediately upon appearing, so the applications of this move are pretty apparent.

In his final variation, Kenjutsu, Kenshi casts aside his signature blindfold and leaves the spirits behind, instead opting to take his blade directly to his opponents for all of his special attacks. Naturally, this variant requires that Kenshi remain much closer to opponents in order to fight. This version also sports some telekinetic tosses, one of which can be enhanced to tack on a stun, leaving opponents wide open for a full combo follow-up.

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Sonya Blade took the stage next, and it looks as though her common specials are everything that fans of the character could hope for. She has her energy rings, her classic leg-based grab, her arcing kick which offers a unique method of approach as well as the ability to hop over projectiles and a dive kick that can be used to start combos.

Sonya’s first variant that the team shared is called Covert Ops. In this mode, Sonya employs a host of parries to keep opponents at bay. These parries have a variety of follow-ups that can offer spacing advantages, or even start combos of their own.

Additionally, she gains the ability to enter a “military stance.” Once entered, Sonya unlocks access to a grab, a low-hitting poke and a cartwheel which works as a combo starter. She can also cancel the stance at any time. In a brief combo, the team demonstrated that Sonya is capable of entering this stance mid-string, so there looks to be a great deal of damage potential tied to it.

Her second variant, Demolition, offers access to two types of grenades: frags and stuns. At any point in time while in this mode, Sonya can have up to three grenades, which you can see strapped to her leg. After she has exhausted her supply, she must call in a bomb-carrying drone to restock. Much of the play in this variant centers around the use of these grenades and deciding whether or not you want to toss a frag for damage or a stun for combo extension.

Additionally, she gains access to a wake up attack that she can perform so long as she has at least two grenades available. The wake up causes her to toss out the two grenades, which cover her as she rolls away to safety.

And finally, we arrive at Sonya’s final variant, Special Forces. The team noted that this mode is all about mix-up options which are provided by her lovely grenade-toting drone (sadly, it doesn’t pack explosives for Special Forces). The drone becomes a sort of assist character that Sonya can control in various ways. She can park it in one position, or it can follow her around and she is able to make it perform a handful of attacks including a heavy blast which serves as an anti-air and a tool for keeping opponents at bay, a homing missile which is a slow-moving projectile that looks great for covering Sonya’s approach and a Kamikaze attack which sends the drone in to explode and deal damage.

You can check out the archived footage for yourself below.

Source: NetherRealm Studios