Erron Black, Liu Kang, and Shinnok Revealed in Latest Mortal Kombat X Kombat Kast

By on March 27, 2015 at 1:06 pm

If you’re looking for the latest details on Mortal Kombat X, look no further than today’s Kombat Kast. Hosted by the folks at NetherRealm Studios themselves, this latest installment of the program will share even more details about the upcoming fighter, including a breakdown of three newly revealed characters: Erron Black, Liu Kang and Shinnok.

Erron Black

Erron Black

The first character revealed is the newcomer Erron Black, a gunslinging bounty hunter inspired by classic Western films.

Erron’s common moves include a number of attacks using his revolver. He also utilizes glass grenades filled with sand that he can roll on the ground. With the enhanced version, he fires a shot at the grenade, detonating it and launching into the opponent. His caltrops can be thrown onto the ground at different distances to halt your opponent’s run. Other moves include a slide and an a command throw tackle.

Erron’s fighting style variations focus on different weapons in his arsenal. Marksman gives him a rifle that he can use for retreating shots for zoning, a chargeable snipe shot that can be dash cancelled or a convenient launcher.

His Outlaw sword style gives him an impale attack that breaks the sword inside of the opponents chest, causing damage over time. He also has a sand burst move that flings dirt into the opponent’s eyes, causing stun.

Finally Gunslinger gives Erron a second revolver and a stand-off stance, from which he can fire high, low or retreating shots. He can also flip coins into the air and ricochet shots off them, covering new angles of fire.

Liu Kang

Liu Kang

Next up is Liu Kang a returning face from the original Mortal Kombat. The martial artist has all of his classic moves including fire balls, flying kicks and bicycle kicks. He also has a new spinning backhand move that is unsafe on block but pushes the opponent across the screen on hit.

Liu Kang’s Dragon Fire variation makes his flying kick a double kick attack. He can also charge his fireballs, enhance to launch two projectiles, and even enhance the move a second time to tag on a third.

The Flame Fist variation literally lights his hands on fire, giving him more damage on hit and block, strengthened fireball attacks and a parry for stopping the opponent’s attack in their tracks.

Dualist gives him light and dark stances. The light stance includes a healing move that regenerates health as the move is held. The dark stance gives him a plasma orb projectile that does actually collide with the opponent, but rather explodes after traveling a certain distance, allowing for unique combos and pressure opportunities.



The third character demoed is the evil sorcerer Shinnok, who made his playable debut in Mortal Kombat 4. His arsenal of standard moves include a short range blast that can nullify projectiles, a triple ground blast that can be enhanced on any hit to knock the opponent toward Shinnok for further combos, and a shoulder rush attack that quickly closes distance.

The Impostor variation gives Shinnok a soul steal attack that steals certain special moves from the opponent, giving
impostor unique combos based on the opponent he is facing. Gives him bone scythe attacks with lengthy range, a bone cage that traps the opponents and an amulet for launching a full-screen projectile.

Shinnok’s Necromancer variation can summon bone attacks from above and below the opponent, some of which track the opponent’s current position.

Training Mode and Factions

After the character demonstrations, the Kombat Kast crew give a quick breakdown on some of the game’s Practice Mode features. The recording feature also for convenient playback of recording states, great for learning how to deal with character-specific traps. While the default training stage has no interactables, you can load interactables from any stage. You can also switch between your character’s variation without having to jump back to the character select screen.

The Kombat Kast crew also talked about how factions work. When playing the game for the first time, players are asked to sign up for one of five factions. Don’t worry, this is a binding contract, as you are allowed to switch factions, and their are no restrictions on factions based on the character you play. Each faction has exclusive Fatalities called Faction Kills which are unlocked as you level up within a faction. Take a part in the faction war and come out on the winning side, and you and your clan will score special bonuses.

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If you missed the live stream of the cast, you can check out the archive below.

Source: NetherRealm Studios