Evo 2015 to Allow Custom Moves in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

By on March 27, 2015 at 5:46 pm


After giving the community a little over a month to come a decision, the Evolution organizers have decided to allow custom moves during this year’s Super Smash Bros. for Wii U competition, though there are still a few stipulations.

As you’ll see in the document embedded below, players will be restricted to playing with specific loadouts, which were decided with help from Smashers to determine their legality in a tournament setting. While every setup may not be available, this should give entrants plenty of time to test the limits of what’s being allowed and work out strategies in preparation for the event this summer.

Other rules set in stone at this time include a two-stock, six-minute time limit for every match, a complete list of tournament stages, the banning of Amiibos, and more. For the full set of specifications this and other games, be sure to visit Evo’s official listing.

Evo 2015 is scheduled for July 17-19 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Source: Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar

  • Yogsagath

    Nice take Mr. Wiz Pig.

  • k.b.a.


  • Guest


  • Xeon2

    Congratulations Competitors you now have a insane number of match ups to go through, pretty much everyone in the cast is a threat.

    • Trevor Clarke

      Finally a diverse picking pool and variety it the matches.

      • k.b.a.

        The game came out in November. Not like it’s been ten years of magneto or fox

        • Trevor Clarke

          Or the coming ten years of Vergil

          • k.b.a.

            Based Disney took all our bitches and locked us out the house

  • maathimself

    Why not allow any combination you want? Are there any overpowered loadouts?

    • MasterScrub

      Time constraints. You have to go into a completely separate menu to make custom move loadouts. And even then, every character only has 10 slots available. (With the exception of Miis, you can either have as many as you want or just a LOT.)

    • Xeon2

      These ARE the strongest loadouts for each character.

      • Seere LaBlanke

        To play devils advocate, I’m going to say “But not necessarily the strongest load out for everyone particular play styles.”

        • Xeon2

          I’ll offer my counterpoint, the characters with the most versatile customs are Mario and Toon Link, and its likely those are the two that don’t have enough sets to really fill out everything. To that extent I agree with you. Everyone I’m pretty sure is completely covered with 10 sets. The system is good but its not the most ideal.

  • King9999

    Little Mac’s loadout is interesting. Can’t use neutral B1 or up B3 at all. I know up B3 is super powerful, but it makes his bad recovery even worse. I would like an explanation as to how they came to these decisions because (at least in Little Mac’s case) they seem random.

    On the other hand, I’m happy that Ganon’s 2122 set is available, because IMO that’s the best possible combination for him.

    • Xeon2

      Default up b is the best version as he can anti air (F1 invincible) and still do legitimate damage, while not being completely bad at recovery. Its in a weird sweetspot that more power and less recovery and vice versa would make situations harder for the guy. These top 10 custom sets were decided by character mains on smash boards who’ve studied the moves since launch.

  • Trevor Clarke

    Wow Game & Watch gets shit on again. Guys, please! His normals have been obliterated. Give him his OP specials!

    Side note, Pac-Man got shafted with the Side B because both of them are insanely broken

    • CountofBleck

      @nd Side B does little damage and is slower, which means Pac would be easier to spike. and the 3rd Side B is like Ganon’s Up Tilt. No one is getting hit by that.

      • Trevor Clarke

        2nd side b grants him an FD size horizontal recovery and he still keeps his jump and save. 3rd Side B is powerful but gimps his horizontals.

        His Side b isn’t good in the first place except for saves and edge guarding

  • Jeptha Hines

    I suppose every WiiU will have them all unlocked!

    • bartonzok

      Not necessarily. They will simply send the presets to each wii U from a 3DS that has all the custom sets.

  • MrJechgo

    Palutena’s moves just suck… Heavenly Light, Angelic Missile and Counter (to a certain extend) being banned? Really now?

    • Xeon2

      Because they suck is why they’re not being used in the sets.

    • CountofBleck

      Heavenly Light is virtually worthless in singles, Angelic Missles needs more testing, and Counter is for defense and Most players prefer Lightweight to keep up the offensive pressure.

      • Xeon2

        Why angelic missile isn’t being used: Super Speed is one of the best moves in the game.

  • UseProtection


  • I really want someone to go and win EVO using a character’s default set.

    • ZigTheHunter

      Why? That sounds boring.

      • Boring? Have you seen a custom move tournament?

        • ZigTheHunter

          Yeah, it was a bit more interesting and more variety, plus less Diddy Kong, so why would I want to see a default character win Evo?

      • Xeon2

        Happens all the time, Default diddy still wins alot.

  • Jamal Marner

    how do u read this

  • tanbu

    What a terrible idea.

  • chironomidae

    Makes me shudder to think how long it might take to unlock all these specials. Is there a fast way to unlock specials in the Wii U version? I’ve read that the 3ds version does, but it’s not as good in Smash.

    • CountofBleck

      All you need is one 3DS with Powersaves to transfer all the sets. You can get all 10 sets for a character in under a minute. All in all, The set ups for every character is like a 5 minute process

      • Trevor Clarke

        Exactly. Playing this game raw is fucking PAINFUL. I keep unlocking mii clothing and custom badges.

  • Fafnir303

    peach y no Parasol High Jump ;__;