Sorry, Those Leaked Street Fighter V Details Are Completely Fake

By on March 21, 2015 at 12:01 am


Earlier tonight, unconfirmed reports (not trying to pick on Joe, the original article is down!) began to surface regarding leaked Street Fighter V information, stating characters such as Alex, Urien, Abel, and C. Viper are scheduled to return alongside two newcomers. There was quite a bit of information on these debuting cast members, one being M. Bison’s right-hand man and the other a young woman pursuing her mother’s kidnapper, but we won’t get into too many details because, unfortunately, it’s all untrue.

According to a credible source willing to speak with Shoryuken, none of this lines up with what they know about Street Fighter V so far. While these rumors tried to pass themselves off as correct by using information right on the outskirts of what we know for sure, such as the likely inclusion of M. Bison and an upcoming showing at Niconico Chokaigi, the insider we reached out to is close enough to discredit much of the information.

It’s far from fun to rain on everyone’s parade, honestly, but this should save us months of speculation that ultimately goes nowhere.

Looking forward, who do you hope to see in Street Fighter V? Any specific ways you want them to spice up the gameplay? Let us know in the comments.