Leaked Tekken 7 Data Reveals Jin Kazama, Devil Jin, and Other New Characters

By on March 19, 2015 at 8:02 am

Tekken 7 data reveals that Jin Kazama, Devil Jin, and a couple of new characters may find their way to the newly-released fighter in the future.

At the end of Tekken 6, Jin supposedly died after a long and convoluted effort to rid the world of the Devil Gene. This left many fans with the question of whether or not Jin would make an appearance in Tekken 7.

According to Avoiding the Puddle, a group of fans in Korea have been able to gain access to character data from this week’s official Tekken 7 launch. The leaked information shows character models for not just Jin Kazama, but for his alter-ego, Devil Jin as well.

But it’s not just returning characters that have been revealed–the data also shows what seem to be not just one, but possibly two newcomers. The first of these is a female fighter wearing a short dress and the other, which may just be a skin for an existing character, is a red humanoid with all sorts of metal tubing stuck onto it.

Jin Kazama


Devil Jin


New Characters


Tekken 7 had its full launch in Japanese arcades yesterday and is set to make its North American debut at Final Round 18 this weekend.

Source: Avoiding the Puddle, thanks to Great Dark Hero for the tip.

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